How to Choose Self Defense Weapons Wisely

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How to Choose Self Defense Weapons Wisely? When you choose self-defense weapons that you hope will save your life in the event of an assault or attack, you need to be sure that these stun guns or Taser guns will do what you intend them to do. So it’s a good idea to find out how the different devices work, and how they can help you in the event of a dire emergency. If you choose the wrong weapon you could be badly hurt or even die.

What Self Defense Weapons Can Do?

If you think about what self-defense weapons can do, you will realize that the possibilities are quite varied. Furthermore, these weapons range from lethal devices that can kill, to those that will only give you time to escape dangers or alert others who (one hopes and prays) will come to your help and defense. So you need to also decide whether you want a weapon you might kill someone with, or simply one that you will just use for self-defense.

It is your choice, but what is there to choose from?

Here are some basic ideas :

  • Guns and other related firearms which DO kill. (Don’t forget that you will need a license for these)
  • Stun guns and related weapons that DON’T kill. (These may need a license in some states)
  • Self-defense spray devices that can injury but that DON’T kills. (You may need a license to use some of these)
  • Personal alarm systems that raise the alarm with a whole lot of noise. Some incorporate pepper spray and even stun guns. (You won’t normally need any type of permission)
  • Ordinary batons that you might be able to hit an attacker with.

The Best Non-Lethal Self Defence Weapon

If you look at this list you will see that unless you are willing to risk killing an attacker (or getting killed yourself if the person overpowers you and take control of your lethal weapon) or if you think you are strong enough to fight back with sticks (and possibly imaginary or even real swords). The middle three options are the most common. None are lethal and all are highly effective. Better still, all three are inexpensive and they don’t require any training at all.

Look at the list again, and you will probably identify the fact that a stun gun will be one of the best self-defense weapons you could ever choose. These operate from ordinary batteries, and yet they will zap an offender and transfer enough electricity into the attacker to make the person become a victim.

Self Defense Gun

Self Defense Gun

Choose a Self Defense Gun that won’t Kill

A self-defense gun is one of the most obvious self-defense devices you might choose, particularly if you are a person who hates lethal weapons or who isn’t able to master physical self-defense methods that might save your life in the event of an attack. Police and civilians alike have been using these devices for decades.

Police use stun guns because they are non-lethal, and civilians often do for the same reason, or because they aren’t able to master other self-defense methods like recognized martial arts, karate, jiu-jitsu or Muay Thai kickboxing that they could use instead. If you are interested in stun guns, (who wouldn’t be?) You can find it on Amazon’s website here.

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When you look at the possibilities of various self-defense weapons and decide on which type you are going to use, you will find that the mini stun gun and pepper spray gun rank tops in terms of personal protection safety. Both are considered non-lethal weapons because neither shoot anything. However, the pepper gun is less controversial that the stun gun, which has been cited as capable of killing if not used correctly.

The idea of any non-lethal self defense gun

The idea of any non-lethal self-defense gun is to immobilize an assailant so that we can escape injury or worse, death.

Stun guns are designed to produce a shock effect when the pronged end of this self-defense gun is pushed against the body of an assailant. It doesn’t rely on pain for effect (even though it does induce pain) but rather acts on the muscular and neural system, resulting in the assailant to lose balance, suffers from muscle spasms and to become temporarily paralyzed.

The most controversial self-defense gun is probably the Taser, a stun gun, or electroshock weapon manufactured by Taser International. Even though Tasers are legal in most states of America, they are banned (or strictly controlled) in many other parts of the world. For example in Britain, civilians may only own them if they have written permission from the Home Secretary of State.

Electroshock weapons

There are various other electroshock weapons including stun batons that also shock via pronged tips on impact most effectively when contact is made with the upper shoulder or hip, or just below the rib cage.

Electroshock weapons are fairly simple devices in terms of design, and they are battery-powered. Manufacturers manuals state that it takes just half a second to cause muscle spasm and intense pain. It usually takes only two or three seconds to cause an attacker to fall to the ground in a daze. Because of the potential dangers of prolonged use, modern models often have an automatic stop device that prevents the stun gun from being used for more than about five seconds. If the person using it needs to exert pressure and shock the assailant or wrong-doer again, they have to trigger the device again. More on personal safety training

Electroshock weapons are available in several guises, from the well-known stun gun and baton to concealable weapons in the shape and size of lipstick tubes. Cell phones stun guns are also available.

Pepper Gun

Pepper Gun

A Pepper Gun is an Inexpensive but Effective Self Defense Device

A pepper gun is one of the most popular non-lethal self-defense weapons on the market. Not only are they easy-to-use, but they are also not expensive, and they will usually stop assailants in their tracks.

Pepper guns are nothing new, they are said to have been used by the ancient Chinese people who would package ground down, burning hot, ground cayenne pepper in rice paper and then throw it in the face of an opponent. Traditional Japanese ninjas are said to have done the same thing, also to disable opponents. You can get the current pricing of pepper gun on Amazon right here.

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The best pepper spray

Today the best pepper spray is made with Oleoresin Capsicum which is extracted from red hot chilies which are part of the capsicum family. The active ingredient in the self-defense spray that is used in a pepper gun is called capsaicin. If you have handled or cooked with chilies you will probably have experienced the intense pain when you put a finger in your eye by mistake! The strongest concentration of capsaicin is in the pips – which is why people often remove them before cooking – but it is also quite strong in the soft ribs inside the peppers. Even if you wash your hands, capsaicin continues to affect mucous membranes, for instance in your eyes, nose, and mouth, and on even on your skin. The same applies to the pepper spray ingredient.

Because the capsicum is finely ground before the capsaicin is extracted, this ingredient is often combined with a gel or foam so that it is more effective when shot under pressure. But there are also pepper gun models that are like foggers. When you trigger them, the pepper content expands and vaporizes into a protective cloud, so that you can make a quick getaway.

Most self-defense pepper spray guns come in the form of a canister of some sort. These are usually small enough to be carried in your pocket or purse – although the secret is to keep them so that you can grab them at any moment. There is no point in having a pepper gun in your purse if it’s not quickly accessible in the event of an attack!

But there are other types of the pepper spray gun, some of which – surprise surprise – actually look like a real gun. Others look like little canisters and others appear to be keychains. You may also want to check personal safety training options.

Different Between Stun Guns And Pepper Spray

Many people compare the effectiveness of stun guns and pepper spray. The effect of each is, of course quite different, but pepper spray can have quite a radical effect, causing temporary blindness for as long as half an hour. It can also affect the skin most unpleasantly for up to an hour.
While a pepper spray canister may not look as threatening as a small stun gun, you can bet that it will affect. In some cases, it can make a person cough so badly they find it difficult to breathe or speak for 15 minutes or more.

Capsaicin isn’t soluble in water, and so it won’t wash off – although flushing your eyes with water does help. It is not much you can do to soothe your skin either. Generally, anyone who has been attacked with pepper spray will have to wait until the effect wears off on its own.

Personal alarm systems

Personal alarm systems

How a Personal Alarm can Help to Protect you at Home

Having your alarm at home can be very reassuring, even if you have a fully-fledged home security system with all the bells and whistles available. The reason for this is that most of us only set our alarm systems at night, when we are sleeping, or when we leave our homes unattended. Or if the house is very large, we only arm a portion of the system while at home, so that we don’t trigger it by mistake.

A personal alarm, on the other hand, is a portable device that we can hold, hang around our neck, or keep in our pocket or purse – so that it is with us all the time. Like most security alarms, personal alarms emit a very loud and high-pitched sound that is designed to scare an attacker or thief. This type of noise sounds the alarm and draws attention to anyone around that you are in danger. You can find the best personal alarm on Amazon here.

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They are a really good option for anybody on the move, from runners and cyclists, to people who have to drive into areas they don’t feel safe in. But, while most people use a personal alarm as a so-called defensive tool while they are out and about, others use portable personal alarms at home.

Imagine being home alone during the day, when your security system is immobilized, and an intruder manages to get over your fence or wall and into your house. What do you do? If you have a small personal alarm on you, you can pull the pin and you will trigger the same kind of audible effect as a full-security system would. Generally, the noise will continue until the pin is replaced. So this would probably give you enough time to either run to safety or to grab something else that you can defend yourself with, be it a pepper spray device, a stun gun, or even a real firearm.

There is also something else you should think about. These portable devices may be used to back up the security system in your home. Some even have door and window attachments that you can use to arm these openings.

There are a growing number of personal alarm devices that you can choose from, many of which incorporate the noisy factor with things like lights, stun gun actions, or pepper sprays. What they have in common is the fact that they are small and portable. This is vital because it means that you really can keep them with you all the time. But remember that if you don’t, they are useless.

Think logically if someone advises you to keep portable alarm units in your desk drawer or next to your bed. That’s great! The baddies are at your house. Your security system is off. Your alarm is put away. So rule number one is to make sure that you keep portable alarm units with you all the time. Otherwise don’t bother. Rather hire a security guard to look out for you.

How to Use a Stun Gun

I hope this article gives you all the information you need to know about How to Choose Self Defense Weapons Wisely.

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