Motorcycle Safety Gear List

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There are several brands and manufacturers of product or safety gear, it is very significant if you can consider the best option to give you the right protection needed.

Without proper gear the rider is going to get hurt badly on almost every possible situation in motorcycling.

Motorcycle safety gear list

If you want to hit the road with a motorcycle, motorcycle gear is something that you need. With these protective gear for motorcycle, it will act as your main protection.

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Motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle Safety Gear List Motorcycle helmet

The helmet is one of the most significant riding gear that is a must-have for both motorcycle and bicycle riders. Its primary goal is to partially protect the riders in case of an accident or prevent injuries in case an uncontrolled situation occurs. It protects a rider in a minimal sense because it only covers the head, but as for our head (which serves as a shield of our brain) is a vulnerable area and needs extra protection, the helmet does well.

Construction, Materials and Design

The need for new design and materials has risen upon the invention of newer models of vehicles. The breakthrough of such helmets has occurred after World War II. New designs and made had been created, which is somehow is still the designs that exist in today’s market.

The construction components

The construction has four components: chin strap, comfort lining, interior lining, and the hard-outer shell. Chinstrap keeps everything in place, and though it appears too simple, this plays a vital role in assuring that the gear is in place during an impact or crash. The comfort lining or the padded interior ensures comfort to the user. Meanwhile, the interior lining is the feature that protects that head from probable impact.

In terms of design, there are five common types accessible:

  • Full-face helmets – This offers maximum protection as for this protects the rear and front of a rider’s head. Of all the types, this provides a great safety feature which is ideal even for road-racing.
  • Open-face helmets – As the name implies, the rider’s face isn’t covered and is not advisable for rides that need maximum protection.
  • Flip-Up Helmets – also known as modular helmets. A rider can choose either to flip-up the movable face-shield to have an open-face like helmets of having a full-face coverage. Because of convenience and flexibility, this has been growing in popularity.
  • Half-Helmet – also known as beanies and are the minimum in terms of safety. It protects only the top of a rider’s head, leaving the skull and face exposed.
  • Off-Road – similar to the full-face helmets but have chin protection, elongated visors, and opening for the goggles.

To maximize protection, make sure that a helmet you tend to buy complies with standards given by authorized organizations dealing with motorcycle helmets.

Motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle safety gear list Motorcycle jacket

Motorcycle jackets seemed to be ordinary apparel, play a huge role in keeping riders safe and comfortable during a ride. This serves as protection against changing temperatures along the way. Some manufacturers even added safety features to ensure it would lessen the injury one might obtain in an unanticipated incidence. Generally, there are varying types of jackets available in the market, from an armored-race gear to a ventilated summer jacket. To guarantee maximum comfort and safety, one should find something that fits perfectly and has features that provide all-out protection.

There are two general categories of jacket: the two-piece suit and the one-piece suit.

  • Two-piece suit: A combination of pants and a jacket may be ideal for individuals looking for flexibility.
  • One-piece suit: is full-body protection that fits close to the skin and would not flap on the wind during a rode. It is best for those who are fond of racing or sailing through traffic.


The different materials used as well as the construction somehow determines safety and comfort. In terms of comfort, a quality jacket usually has excellent storage and weight space, rain protection, as well as protection from heat. It maintains a desirable body temperature despite the outdoor extreme heat or cold. Apart from safety and protection, a motorcycle jacket is also cool for fashion. One of the interesting material in today’s market is the Kangaroo Leather.

Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle Safety Gear List 1

Just like any other safety gear, having a well-chosen pair of riding pants can create a significant difference when a rider encounters an accident. It can either reduce, if not eliminate the possible injuries at a crash or impact. The main goal of pants specifically designed for motorcycle rides is to protect the rider’s lower body. Unlike when wearing the usual jeans, this generally prevents riders to suffer from abrasions and impact. And contrary to the common notion that it is uncomfortable to wear when you find the perfect fit, this will do you a big favor when it comes to comfort.


There are three materials used in motorcycle pants:

  • Denim: These the ideal option for riders who don’t want to wear pants that appear like motorcycle gears. It provides great comfort while maintaining good protection against a crash. This is also versatile, stylish, and usually accessible at low prices.
  • Leather: Usually gives excellent abrasion protection as well as burst, cut, and tear resistance to protect the rider in case of a fall. Performance, though, still varies according to the quality and type of leather, as well as the construction of the apparel.
  • Textiles: Textiles such as polyester, nylon, and even Kevlar are lighter, thinner, more comfortable, and more flexible than the leather. Polyester and nylon cannot offer abrasion resistance. Though some pants made of textiles offer mesh paneling and numerous liners to ensure durability and flexibility.

Styles of Motorcycle Pants

  • Street/Racing: As the name suggests, this provides maximum protection, making it an ideal one for riders who aggressively travel their chosen track. This provides the highest possible protection.
  • Cruiser: Best suits cruiser-style motorcycle and laid-back styles.
  • Touring: Can withstand varying weather conditions within a whole-day ride. It can provide day-long versatility and comfort.
  • Dirt-Riding: Designed to provide excellent protection as well as unrestricted movement vital for action-filled, aggressive dirt track riding.

Motorcycle Pants features

  • Waterproof
  • Cuff closure
  • Zippers
  • Pockets
  • Abrasion and Impact protections
  • Knee slider
  • Insulation and Lining
  • Reflective material
  • Back protection for cold weather.

Motorcycle Riding Suit

Motorcycle Riding Suit

Motorcycle riders usually travel too fast, hitting an exceeding speed of 85 mph. And the impacts of such speed can be of great harm to your body. The reason why riders primarily need riding suits, not just to reduce safety risks but also allows maximum comfort. The majority of riders overlooked its importance until they have encountered severe injury in an accident. Perhaps, one of the factors that prevent riders from wanting riding suits is the uneasiness and inconvenience of wearing those. Nevertheless, it is of paramount importance considering the increasing safety risks at highways and the number of accidents that occur each year. Though it may be insufficient to significantly reduce possibilities of injuries, it can minimize those. Also, riding suits is beneficial for having a comfortable ride.

Good riding suit

A good riding suit often delivers versatility to cover varying temperatures, balance body temperature, and one that provides a sense of impact protection. Most of the suits may not be comfortable when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, especially if a rider has low heat tolerance, the same case when the temperature goes below 45 degrees.

Two-Piece Suits

These suits come in separate pants and jackets. Generally, this is a good option for riders who may not have a precise body size to fit in a one-piece suit. It also gives riders an option of what part they wish to wear. Since this comes separated, the rider can opt for either the top half of the bottom half.

One-Piece Suits

One-piece suits allow greater mobility and convenience at some point. As its name suggests, it comes as one apparel and unlike the two-piece suit, it can’t be worn separately. As an overall suit, it provides all-out protection and flexibility

Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle gears are significant because they are not applicable to make you feel cool, comfortable but also secured. A good pair or motorcycle boots are perhaps the best addition to making sure that you will have the best gear needed before you hit the road.

Choosing a motorcycle boots

Moreover, it should not be the case all the time. Since the feet receive enormous friction from the road conditions, heat as well as other aspects, a good pair of motorcycle boots must be worn. When choosing a motorcycle boot, it is a must if one will able to select the right one that offers the best experience wherein it is sturdy footwear that can able to withstand these conditions.

When you have the right motorcycle boots, it will surely make you feel more comfortable without too much strain and pressure of driving especially if you are driving your bike for a long period. If you want to feel comfort then buying a great pair of motorcycle boot is certainly the best option that you need to keep in mind.

Boots are not just applicable for professional motorcycle racers but also for any motorists. These are great investments because you can use them whenever you need to drive for a long period and you need boots that can be your best companion.

How to Buy the Best Boots?

If you are looking for the right boots then you have to keep in mind that there are several options available out there. When you are searching for the applicable boots then you need to scrutinize the ones that you are considering.

A leather motorcycle boots guarantee that they are good when it comes to quality and durability. On the downside, pure leather motorcycle boots are generally expensive. If your budget is just quite small then it is very significant if you can consider synthetic leather. They may not be that durable but they look just like a pure one. Still. When you are buying motorcycle boots, one important factor that you should not ignore is the level of comfort that you can get.

Motorcycle boots

Additionally, motorcycle boots are not just for men who love to ride on a motorcycle there are also several boots for women who also a big fan or motorcycle. The best thing about this footwear is they are available in various colors, styles, and designs. It is up to you which is the best choice.

Motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle gloves

Most motorcyclists especially the new ones do not know the significance of wearing the right accessories and gears for motorcycles. Some think that it is just a waste of time wearing these gloves. On the other hand, for most motorcycle experts, it is very significant to use the right gloves when driving the motorcycle. There are several good reasons why wearing a good pair of gloves is a must.

Gloves play a very significant role in the driver’s safety while on the road as this will give you enough grip that you need as you are driving.

Gloves protect your hands

It is a fact that hands tend to sweat especially if you are driving in a long period. Losing your grip on the handle or the control of the motorcycle is detrimental as it can cause an accident. When you have the best pair of gloves, it will help you to avoid this situation. When choosing a motorcycle glove, it is a must if you can select the ones that can provide the best comfort both outside and inside.

Motorcycle gloves are not just good to offer you the best driving experience but they are also good in various weather situations. In the case of icy weather, the gloves are very effective to prevent the hands from being numb and cold. If the fingers and palm are warm, it will give you enough chance to guarantee that you can control the grip thus avoiding some problems.

Types of gloves

There are two types of gloves such as full-fingered and half-fingered. No matter what type of motorcycle gloves you prefer, it is very significant if you can find the right gloves wherein you feel more comfortable. There’s no point in buying an expensive motorcycle glove if you are not that comfortable with it.

If you want to buy gloves online, always consider if the manufacturer can offer the best gloves wherein it has good feedback or product reviews. This is how you can get the best motorcycle gloves that will make you feel more comfortable and safe while driving.

Motorcycle face mask

Motorcycle face mask

The face mask is one great option to give you enough protection that you need. A face mask for a motorcycle can provide a statement as most for the face mask is now customizable.

As you can see, face mask for motorcycle is available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. This makes the face mask different from the usual helmet or face mask. This is because they can offer a difference in what that they can be a useful option to make sure that you can get the right face mask or the protection that you needed.

One can even decide the right kind of face mask, with the right company that offers the right customization for these accessories then you can guarantee that you can acquire the right design and style that you needed.

Types of face mask

Some of the usual types of face masks that you can find in the market are the skull, tribal, classic flame as well as the theme from various cartoon heroes to a Hawaiian design. Just choose the right design that is totally unique and outstanding.

To make sure also that the face mask will be a perfect accessory for your motorcycle, it would be essential also if you can match it with the right eyewear particularly sunglasses. They are a great combinations as this will surely create a very positive effect.

Additionally, if you are considering having a face mask as part of your accessories, it is very significant if you can find the best stores that offer the best face mask wherein it is very high when it comes to the best motorcycle face mask. Additionally, the price of face mask for motorcycle depends on the taste or requirements of the motorcycle owner.

As several stores offer a motorcycle face mask, it is very useful if you can find the ones that can truly offer your needs or requirements. The store that offers good service guarantees that you can find the right motorcycle face mask.

Durability and quality of the product are also one thing that you need to consider all the time especially if you want to get the best motorcycle face mask. Finding the right face mask is all you need in case you are considering of getting the best motorcycle face mask. This will offer you the best chance to enjoy driving your motorcycle.

Motorcycle sunglasses

Motorcycle sunglasses

For most people, sunglasses are just accessories. They are perfect accessories to accompany any outfit or just the use it during hot sunny days and most of all. People use sunglasses for them to look more attractive. Thus, for most motorcyclists, the function is their primary reason why they need to wear this eyewear.

When choosing sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses, it is a must if you can select the one that has a UV light, which is important to make sure that you can safely drive on the road knowing that your eyes are protected effectively. With this feature, you can also avoid too much glare when driving.

Sunglasses are not just perfect as the number one protection against the harsh effects of the sunlight but as well as the best protection from the wind. If the wind is too strong, expect that dust, small insects, and other irritants can enter your eyes.

On the other hand, sometimes, you may not need sunglasses anymore for the reason that most helmets already have the eye or eye protector but if your helmet is just for your head, it is a necessity to own a motorcycle sunglasses.

Things to Remember Before Buying Sunglasses

If you need to purchase sunglasses, it is a must if you can able to consider other aspects. This is because it can be your best tool to guarantee that you can get the best eyewear that you needed. Again, one important quality that you have to remember is to get the one that offers enormous UV protection. Motorcycling requires a lot of time under the sun but if you have the best protection like sunglasses, your eyes will be protected.

A good sunglasses also need to be resistant against elements like smoke-belching, insect, drizzle, snow or rain or even precipitation, it is a must to look for perfect eyewear that can offer the best solution that you needed. With the right features of such motorcycle sunglasses, it also guarantees that you can drive with your motorcycle safely.

In conclusion, no matter what type and kind of motorcycle sunglasses you may have, it is very significant if you can consider the one that will make you feel comfortable no matter what type, brand or features it has.


The most important safety equipment in motorcycling is the rider’s gear. Motorcycle gear saves lives every day and they are the cheapest form of insurance for the rider. If the rider gets to an accident with a car, the car will always win. If the rider collapses or something goes wrong with his or her motorcycle, the earth will always win.

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