Pepper Spray and Mace for Self Defense

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The use of Pepper Spray, or mace as it is commonly known, for protection can be an effective solution for an escape from an attack. If you choose pepper spray and mace for self-defense, you must be ready to use it. You will need to have the canister in your hand and have your finger on the trigger. There will be no time to dig it out of your purse.

Pepper Spray and Mace for Self Defense

Pepper spray is made to be sprayed in the face of an assailant, It causes extreme discomfort, headache, and dizziness as it affects the central nervous system. There is a tight feeling in the upper respiratory system, which leads to coughing. The target’s eyes begin tearing and burning, and there is an overproduction of saliva. The nose burns and the mucosa become extremely irritated. The nerve endings on the face are irritated and cause a stinging, burning sensation. Pepper spray does not cause immobilization, and none of these effects are permanent.

What Is The Right Pepper Spray For You?

Do a little research to determine the right pepper spray for you; All brands are not alike. You need to read the ingredients before you purchase. You might also need to check with law enforcement to be sure that the one you choose is not illegal for use. Some contain tear gas; the use of tear gas can be a felony in some states, except when used for self-defense.

There are different brands and types of mace available. Some contain pepper spray, tear gas, and ultraviolet dye. This type gives you a full onslaught defense for any potential assailant. The pepper spray is made from hot cayenne peppers; this contains the active ingredient oleoresin capsicum. The effect of pepper spray can last up to 90 minutes.

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent and causes temporary blindness and difficulty breathing. The tear gas is an irritant and causes coughing and stinging. The added advantage of the ultraviolet dye stains the attacker and allows for easy identification of the assailant.

Remember that the use of mace does not disable your assailant. He might still be able to run or grab you. After you have sprayed your assailant, run away to a safe area, and call law enforcement immediately.

Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray?

You can buy pepper spray online with websites likes Amazon and eBay. Or, you may be able to find pepper spray at a department store.
To give you an idea of what are the most on-demand pepper spray brands today check Mace Brand you can find it on Amazon’s website here.

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Pepper Spray Laws

Each state has different laws governing the use of pepper spray and there are limitations as to what concentration of OC you can use on an attacker. There are a lot of misconceptions when pepper spray is discussed. This article will discuss some of the common pepper spray laws.

  • Wisconsin has completely outlawed the use of Mace or any form of tear gas. Pepper Spray, on the other hand, is allowable up to 10% OC, it cannot be camouflaged and it cannot go further than 20 feet.
  • Michigan allows for the legal use of pepper spray so long as it is considered reasonable use. By that, they mean “protecting a person or property under circumstances that would justify the person’s use of physical force.”
  • In Washington state, there is no such restriction. The owner of the pepper spray or Mace simply needs to over 18 or over 14 with parental permission.
  • In Washington D.C. You must register with the police to carry pepper spray.
  • In Massachusetts, pepper spray is classified as ammunition and must be sold in gun shops. Additionally, a Massachusetts resident must have a license to carry pepper spray outside of their home.
  • In New York pepper spray is also only available in pharmacies and licensed gun stores. And you may buy no more than two canisters at a time.
  • In New Jersey, non-felons over eighteen may purchase pepper spray, but it can be no more than three-quarters of an ounce.
  • California has ruled that the pepper spray container can not hold more than 2.5 ounces. The package must also have a warning label advising that it is used for self-defense only.

The long and short of these pepper spray laws is that in most of the country there isn’t a lot of regulation. Most states have no form of shipping restrictions or other legal classifications concerning pepper spray.

Pepper Spray Laws by State (United States)


When you choose self-defense weapons that you hope will save your life in the event of an assault or attack, you need to be sure that these pepper spray or mace will do what you intend them to do. So it’s a good idea to find out how the different devices work, and how they can help you in the event of a dire emergency.

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