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Spider Prank Scare Box
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  • Spider Prank Scare Box

    The Spider Prank Scare Box Perfect for you or any practical joker you know. It is absolutely hilarious to watch people open the scare box, knowing what is about to happen! Perfect for Parties. As soon as someone pulls the tab towards them to open the box, a spider  will jump out at their finger and scare the crap ...

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    Shark Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag
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  • Shark Chumbuddy Sleeping Bag

    The new Chumbuddy is a massive shark sleeping bag that can completely devour children and most adults. Just drag your body into the jaws of the stuffed beast and try to sleep peacefully and quietly at night. It also consists and doubles as a giant stuffed animal where you get to be the stuffing. For that kind ...

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