handmade gift for best friend on her birthday

A birthday gift doesn’t need to be expensive to be thoughtful. You don’t need to force yourself spending hundreds of bucks for a dress or jewelry to gift your best friend. A handmade gift will always be an option. Not to mention, there is nothing more heartwarming than a handmade gift for your favorite person’s birthday present. Your effort in making them will surely show your sincerity and love toward the recipient.

Things to consider before making the handmade gift are gender, age, and personal hobby. However, this time, let’s go for something practical and can be used day-to-day.

1. Bookmarker

Majority of Earth’s population takes reading as their hobby. Some of them, dissatisfied with a digital book, are hell-bent on having printed book. If your friend is one of these people, bookmarker might be the best option for their birthday present. It’s easy to make it, all you need just a sheet of premium paper, pressed/dried flower, and mica paper laminated together. As for the finishing move, make a small hole on the upper part of the bookmarker to put on a ribbon.

2. Personalized Desktop Calendar (with art)

Who doesn’t need a calendar? Gift an aesthetic desktop calendar for your best friend for their birthday. You only need to get a premium paper and printed the calendar on the glossy side. Once you gather all twelve months, you can either print their favorite moments on the still-blank side or draw your own art for them. For the finishing move, put on holes on top of the calendar for the joint. You can either use ribbon or spiral joint to bind card together.

3. Apron

Does your friend enjoy cooking? Then how about an apron as a birthday gift? Buy a plain apron from any of your best friend’s favorite color. The choice is either you print them with a picture or sew the motive into an embroidery by yourself.

4. Photo Album

Encourage your best friend to keep recording their best moments and memories with their beloved person by getting them a photo album. Make the goods yourself from colored paper. First, you cut some plain colored paper into a square—we’ll leave the size to your choice, just make sure that the size of the papers is all even. Then get a different colored paper, this time in motive, to make the album cover. Wrap the motive colored paper on thicker paper so it will be sturdy. Then bind them together using ribbon or joint.

5. Food Jar

Get a glass jar, decorated it yourself, and fill it with candies or chocolate. Seems too simple for your best friend’s birthday? A jar is everlasting and multifunction. Once they finish the candies, they can use the jar for many things, for example as pencil and pen holder on their desk.

6. Cushion/Cushion Cover

Handmade cushion or cushion cover will be a perfect birthday gift for anyone. Not only the goods is practical, but one made only for them will be very nice. You can design the cushion with paint, block print, or do embroidery over it.

7. Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are fun, right? Especially if you can get really nice fortune telling out of it. Then let’s make some for your best friend’s birthday. Bake them yourself and put on your best wishes for your best friend as the fortune telling paper.

8. Homemade Soap

Who would have thought a soap can be handmade? You can customize the scent and the design. For you who want to present a handmade soap for your besties, here we find the perfect link. Don’t worry if you have never made handmade soap before. Even a novice can do it with this recipe.

So, have you decided what to give your best friend on their birthday?

handmade gift for best friend on her birthday

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